Frances prides herself on getting results.  Please have a quick read through our client feedback.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Fran for EFT after having had several wonderfully releasing sessions with her.  She has a remarkable intuition which always seems to take you in the right direction, and a very reassuring and empathetic style.  Her down-to-earth, non-judgmental approach belies the depth and breadth of her knowledge and passion for bringing about life enhancing changes in others.

Fran’s great. I was feeling very stressed with a baby on the way, running a new business and a house move.  She got me to focus on the important things and let the stress go.  I can honestly say her tapping/hypnotherapy worked wonders and I will be using her again if needs be!

One of the most powerful and surprising experiences I’ve ever had.  Gets to places in your sub-conscious that I suspect would take years of other forms of therapy to reach and tackle.  Frances can take you there in a session!  Frances has a manner that is supportive, relaxed and at the same time professional. You leave her feeling that you have met someone who truly cares about your well-being and onward journey. Incredible.

I went to Fran for one session with a sore back, which had been bothering me for several years.  I was very open-minded about the whole thing and have since found that the pain has gone with only a few tweaks occasionally.  I’m seriously looking at going back to Fran with other ailments to see if EFT can help with those as well.

Following our session last week, yesterday I got into the hospital lift and didn’t feel sick or anxious. First time in years I felt normal.

Fran has the ability to get right to the heart of the problem extremely quickly by asking insightful and thoughtful questions. It is evident that this is so much more than a job for her; she really does care that you get past whatever is holding you back. She talks so passionately about what she does and is so proud to have been able to help others. I’m pleased to add myself to that list of people!

I went to see Fran to help with chronic migraine. Having had a constant headache for over 6 years needing daily medication, after just a few months I have managed to come off all medication. I truly believe that this wouldn’t have been possible without Fran’s help, and that is coming from someone who was very sceptical (but desperate!) at first.

During the course of our sessions, Fran also found out that I have a number of other strange fears which she helped me with. The most notable of which is a totally irrational fear of moths and butterflies! I’m delighted to report that a butterfly landed on my arm in the garden the other day and I was able to just stand there until it flew away; something I would never have been able to do six months ago.

I’d highly recommend Fran for any issue you need a little help or empowerment on, even those sceptical souls out there!

Going through 6th form exams I had constant feelings of being overwhelmed with anxiety, which really didn’t help me with work. I had tried a lot of different methods to get myself to calm down, like yoga, meditation and even medicine, they all worked, but as a short term effect. I didn’t want to go to university a nervous wreck, and Fran has really helped me with that. She has taught me to control my anxiety and not let it take over completely, with the use of the ‘tapping’ method and tape recordings. It really has changed me, I have learned that I do not need to be anxious in certain situations, however if I do, with guidance and training with Fran, I subtly tap my hand and it feels as though the anxiety has melted off of me and I can manage the situation with a clearer mind. The recordings for dealing with different stressful situations help a lot with my sleep -which used to be quite disrupted.