driving test nerves

How do you deal with driving test nerves? Many people have difficulty in passing tests of any kind, because their nerves ‘kick in’ and interfere with their usual abilities.  As soon as the test is over, they wonder what all the fuss was about and it all feels so easy!

Driving tests seem to be particularly difficult, perhaps because physical movements are required, combined with mental concentration.  Did you know that when we are stressed, blood is diverted from our forebrain and concentrated around the heart and lungs?  Not surprising then that we can’t think straight and end up making uncharacteristic mistakes.

Hypnotherapy can provide relaxation techniques to prevent nervous tension getting in the way of your driving as well as you know you can.  It also helps to use hypnosis to visualise yourself passing your test easily and effortlessly.

When you know you are ready to pass your test, hypnotherapy can provide an extra boost to stop anxieties preventing your optimal performance.