The irrational fear of vomiting oneself or seeing someone else vomit really can take over people’s lives.

Emetophobia can prevent them from travelling by train, plane, boat or even car for fear of travel sickness, stop them from trying to get pregnant, having an essential operation, eating out or eating certain foods, the list goes on. The fear of vomiting also plays on their mind the entire time, leading to secondary problems.  If this is you or someone you know, you can do something about it and stop the fear dictating how you live your life.

Calling anything an ‘..obia’ or putting a formal label – OCD for example- can sometimes lead to more problems.  Is this you?: ‘That’s it then, I have an ..obia and there’s nothing I can do about it.’

Don’t let yourself be labelled into a corner!  Decide rather that you are currently running an unhelpful thinking pattern, and that this can be unlearned, even in a short time. Problems, including emetophobia, that have been around for years are no harder to unravel than recent ones – the original causation has not changed or got bigger.

Our chimp brains sometimes struggle to keep up with the modern world’s demands. Your subconscious brain tries its hardest to do the best it can for you, but sometimes needs some nudging in a different direction when it has gone off track. That’s where seeing an expert in the subconscious mind will help. Hypnotherapy and EFT reach the subconscious mind to reframe problems and find solutions.

Emetophobia is amazingly one of the most common ‘phobias’ that people have, but it is not discussed very often.  For an extremely long list of phobias (perhaps you’ll feel better about your own!) , see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_phobias

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks

Gillian Anderson used hypnotherapy

Anyone can suffer from an overload of stress leading to panic attacks – even the stars we see as invincible! See


stop smoking

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Stop Harming your Health, Wealth and Loved Ones in Stoptober.

Smoking Cessation does not have to be difficult

You may not know that nicotine has generally left the body after only 4 days of stopping smoking. So after that, physical addiction is a thing of the past.  You may be left with what can be termed ‘a psychological dependence,’ but with hypnotherapy, this is gently overridden.  Hypnosis will help you to align your subconscious mind with your conscious decision to stop smoking, so that it is no longer a ‘battle of wills,’ but a joint decision leading to stopping smoking with often surprisingly little effort.   Some smokers who smoke 20+ cigarettes a day think they will find it much harder to stop smoking than a less heavy user.  The process is however, simple and uncomplicated for all smokers.  In the words of a recent client who smoked 30 a day and was worried he would find it very difficult to stop smoking:   “I celebrated 2 weeks a non smoker yesterday so was really pleased 🙂  … I’ve had a couple of stressful moments and didn’t even consider smoking. ”


stop smoking


Chocolate addiction

Hypnotherapy for chocolate addiction

This week is Chocolate week, so I thought for all those suffering with a chocolate addiction….

Addictions, habits and psychological dependencies can all be our body and mind’s way of trying to adapt to the challenges that life brings. They are also sometimes our body’s way of trying to help us, although it may not seem like it to us! Frances has many techniques she can show you to improve your unwanted behaviours, and EFT and hypnotherapy can help free you of your unnecessary habits, including chocolate addiction.